Mehrabad International Airport CIP

CIP lounge at Mehrabad International Airport, Terminal 1 
Located in Terminal 1, CIP lounge at Mehrabad Airport with appealing space and privileged facilities offers services for more than 150 passengers from all airlines.  Of the privileged facilities of Mehrabad CIP lounge are the equipped meeting room and modern celebration rooms which are available for companies, governmental and private authorities. There are also a few suites available for connection passengers or passengers with delayed flights. 
Exclusive lounge suitable for maximum of 150 passengers
High-speed WIFI
Wide range of food and beverages
Airport formalities are taken care of by assistants 
Dedicated security checkpoint
VIP vehicle from the terminal to the aircraft 
 Rate in Toman         Service
150.000         CIP 
75.000         Accompany 
Online booking
Mehrabad International Airport CIP
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CIP Airport Services

  • لانج اختصاصی

    لانج اختصاصی

    فضایی مدرن و شیک

  • گیت اختصاصی

    گیت اختصاصی

    بازرسی و پلیس

  • سوئیت


    اتاق استراحت

  • سالن جلسات

    سالن جلسات

    سالن جلسه با ظرفیت 50 نفر

  • پذیرایی


    پذیرایی با انواع نوشیدنی و غذا

  • نشریات


    روزنامه و مجله

  • اینترنت


    اینترنت بی سیم پرسرعت