Mashhad International Airport CIP

On Arrival
1. Passenger transfer from the aircraft to CIP lounge in exclusive vehicle
2. Passengers can relax and enjoy fresh snacks and beverages during baggage reclaim
3. Wifi
4. All Iranian Visa transactions if required 
5. Exclusive passport and custom gate
On Departure 
1. Meet and Greet on arrival
2. Check-in transactions and baggage claim
3. Passengers and their companions can relax and enjoy their time before fight at indoor exclusive CIP lounge
4. Passengers and their companions can also enjoy the outdoor space with fresh snacks and beverages
6. Exclusive security and passport control gate
7. Passengers are accompanied from CIP lounge to aircraft in exclusive vehicles
Online booking
Mashhad International Airport CIP

CIP Airport Services

  • لانج


    سالن اختصاصی با فضایی آرام و شیک

  • پذیرایی


    پذیرایی با انواع غذاهای ایرانی و فرنگی

  • گیت اختصاصی

    گیت اختصاصی

    گیت اختصاصی سپاه و گذرنامه

  • ویزا


    اخذ ویزای فرودگاهی

  • ٌWIFI


    اینترنت بی سیم پرسرعت

  • Check in

    Check in

    اخذ کارت پرواز و تحویل چمدان