Imam Khomeini International Airport

Our exclusive services on arrival

Our colleagues are honored to welcome you on your arrival at Imam Khomeini Airport. You will be taken to CIP lounge in exclusive vehicles and all of visa transactions and baggage reclaim are smoothly completed. During all transactions, we bring you comfort, away from the formalities, at CIP lounge to relax and enjoy the facilities including Iranian and foreign meals, fresh beverages. 
Afterwards, if requested, you can benefit from our door to door transfer service in exclusive vehicles. 

Our exclusive services on departure

Initiate and experience your business and recreational travel with us. Door to door VIP transfer service will be only the start of capturing special moments! You will be welcomed at the airport. Your baggage will be carried and handed over to baggage section. Airport transactions and formalities will be completed while you relax and enjoy your time at CIP lounge. A wide range of food and drinks, ideal place to catch up with work, and wifi are other services to benefit from. 
While staying in CIP lounge, you can exchange your currency at the bank located in the lounge. Handicrafts and Confections stores are also available. After check-in transaction by our team and receiving your documents, you will be guided through exclusive departure gates. Our team will accompany you to the aircraft by luxury vehicles. 

Service  Rate + VAT (Toman)           Description
 CIP 370.000  Children under 2 - Free of charge 
Accompany  148.000 
Wheelchair  174.000   
Pet 188.000   
Sonata Transfer 170.000   
Camry Transfer 100.000           Airport Taxi 

Online booking
Imam Khomeini International Airport
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CIP Airport Services

  • لانج


    سالن پذیرایی در دو طبقه مشرف به باند فرودگاه

  • پذیرایی


    انواع غذاهای ایرانی و فرنگی و انواع نوشیدنی

  • اتاق جلسات

    اتاق جلسات

    اتاق جلسه با ظرفیت 25 نفر و مجهز به امکانات

  • WIFI


    اینترنت پرسرعت بی سیم

  • گیت اختصاصی

    گیت اختصاصی

    گیت های اختصاصی سپاه و گذرنامه

  • سوئیت


    اتاق های یک تخته و دو تخته